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Welcome to Apex Krav Maga

Professional provider of realistic self defence in Thurrock

Here at Apex Krav Maga we offer realistic self-defence training for all, no matter your age, background, or physical ability. No prior experience is required, nor is your level of fitness an issue, only a desire to learn and be the best you can be.

Becoming a member will put you on the path to bettering your personal safety from your very first lesson. Your self-confidence will improve, fitness levels rise, and your physical abilities increase to a level you never imagined achieving.

Just as important, you’ll be training in a fun, friendly, safe environment, with others who also believe that everyone has a right to defend themselves against violent confrontations.

We personally guarantee you will never feel embarrassed, intimidated, unwelcome, or physically vulnerable; We do not tolerate bullies, egos nor welcome individuals with harmful intentions in the classes. However, we do welcome good old-fashioned hard work and a commitment to succeed!

What our Students Say….

"Amazing club. Can't wait for every next lesson. Loads of skills and new experiences in every lesson. Feeling myself a lot more confident and motivated, even staying away from any sport for a long time. Lloyd makes everything look easy and sensible, without boring routines and speeches, tries to answer all your questions, which makes lessons more educational"

"I have always wanted to learn self defence. So when I heard about Krav Maga I jumped at the chance to try. I have been so happy with the way this is taught in a friendly, disciplined and fun environment. I am not only learning something new each week and feeling more confident with myself but have also made great friends."
- Hinta

"Being a Store Detective I get daily confrontations. knowing now, I can better stand my ground, helps me a great deal. The techniques taught are simple but VERY effective, and have been useful, to me personally. My confidence has grown a great deal too, I just want to add that KRAV MAGA, is something I wish I had learnt 10 years ago! Every lesson is a great bonus. Thanks Lloyd."
- Dave

"I joined Apex Krav Maga to protect myself and to avoid dangerous situations whilst backpacking through different countries. But I did not realise I would enjoy Krav Maga so much! Lloyd is an excellent instructor, he makes you feel very comfortable and boosts your confidence through his personable instructor style and sense of humour. He highlights the seriousness of situations and how to de-escalate them before we even need to physically defend ourselves. We have learnt a variety of martial art skills; from basic punches, kicks and how to defend yourself against knife attacks. We also learnt techniques from other martial art skills including filipino boxing. Every lesson is varied and always great fun! I would like to thank Lloyd in particular as he focused several of his lessons to potential backpacking situations including preventing your bag being stolen. I would recommend Apex Krav Maga to anyone. The lessons are very informative whilst also being great fun. Lloyd and the rest of the group are so welcoming and friendly. It has increased my confidence tremendously to go out and explore the world whilst knowing ways to protect myself if needs be."
- Ruth

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